You only have one chance, Life – Celebrate it.

Limitations and opportunities are all same for everyone I guess. Attempting to look at life under different light, don’t want to just survive, but thrive.

Sunil Sathyavolu Hails From Pearls City Hyderabad. 

Having Over 21 Yrs Of Experience with a perfect blend Of Working With Services And Product Based Organizations.

Global Education Influencer, Mentor of Change by ATL and a lifelong student.

He strongly believes technology can improve human’s lives immensely if it’s used and limited to its purpose.

Sunil Co-founded EdSense & Profile along with his friends.

EdSense is an Intelligent Education Management Cloud Based Platform, with the blend of academics and psychology EdSense aims for Student Higher Achievement & Teacher Effectiveness

Sunil had won a National & an International Award for his short films under Environment and Social Cause, he is a lake conservationist and eco activist.

1 Min CM – WURK TV on June 12, 2020
1 Min CM – WURK TV on June 12, 2020
A Silent Voice – Winner of National and International Awards – Written and Produced by Sunil Sathyavolu
[B]rain – Importance of focusing on this which are essential for our life.

VERGE – An attempt to show what we did with our Lakes.